Burning Earth!

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When the lights fade and shadows are growing
from here to the far lands happiness is burning
Cleaning Heaven he stays in Hell
His faith in the black land can be trusted
For he is the master of all
Reign in Blood
Empire of Fear
He feels no sympathy
Hate is his Credo.

Meaningless life Mister everybody follows
his Heaven's faith is gone.
He surrendered to the dark lord now became his best friend
Away from his old mind now he stays after the dark.
Learning from his mistakes he became a lord
Mastering a piece of hell starting a new leaf.
Neglecting love and happiness he started the war
Fighting strengthless people he grows his army.

In a cage under the mountains is a man
Living for his life no matter what happens out.
Waiting for better times he holds a secret.
From his cage he can't say.
Better times aren't there for his great quest.

War is ending and Hell is winning
Dark lord and his men hold the power
They are never gonna see a light
Just the burning flames of all Hate.

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