Bloody Day

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Tears of blood when it's starting to rain outside.
This black day you will remember, you saw the black angel, fear and anger tormenting you.
First fall of the day, one drop from your eye. A sharp blade over you head, the dark floks are coming.
Ignition, the engine of the bloody chainsaw is rolling in your brain, the first attempt, you hit the head, sound of nothingness in the room. A storm in coming, you hear the rain on the window.
You saw an opening, and killing time was over.
But your lifetime isn't ending.
Over the clouds you saw it again. Coming to you, you're not afraid, waiting for it. Its dark cape on it, it came straight to you, a terrible mouth and bleeding teeth, a small bite, you fall.
This is the end of your daylight.
Come in the darkness and fear no evil, BE the evil. Serve the Angel of Death!
One day you'll join us, all the world, will be as one.

Pourquoi avoir choisi un portrait d'Ozzy? Simplement parcequ'il a toujours su.

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