Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

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Is there anytime or any places where i won't feel like a stranger?
Having a feeling of living nowhere, never at home.
why am i always outside of my head and never here in this time of day?
Always running through my thoughts, dark like dirt or clear like the sky.

Is there anyone who can pretend to really know me?
Am I so wrong? Am I so bad?
Why people never show me what they think?

Am I trying to hard to get around people?
Aren't I a people-person like I would like to be?
Maybe loneliness really is my thing?

My goal is not to be around people, but people help me to get to my goal; is that how it is?
Is it too deep-thinking?
Because some people say that I think too deeply...
Whatever they say I am, that's what I'm not!

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
I'm nowhere
Alone with my thoughts...

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